Have you a problem with your flat roof? We have a solution!

  • Is your roof leaking water?
  • It's not leaking but you're worried about its condition?
  • Does that extension feel like Iceland while the rest of house is Spain?
If you have any of those problems then you should contact us. We specialize in flat roof refurbishments and reconstructions and we will offer you the most appropriate solution to your problem.



Is your roof leaking when it rains?


Well that's pity. You could have avoided the damage that now has been done to the ceiling or worse - to the structure. And prolonged water ingress through the roof can cause roof sagging or it might even collapse. If you notice water marks on the ceiling you should take care immediately. Later it will cost you more.

It's a very common problem that flat roof owners have to deal with. Most of the time its due to the way it was initially built, some times its due damage done by ladders and walking on it and rarely due to the lack of care. As any structure flat roof needs some maintenance. Some roofs more and some less. Felt roofs are the most attention requiring roofs amongst all.


1. It is black colour and black colour attracts heat the most

2. It is affected by heat. Sun makes it soft and easily damages.

3. It has seams. And every seam is a potential leak.

poor roof


A time bomb, when will it go off?

If it's not leaking yet, its good idea to have it refurbished before it does. It's reasonable enough if you notice leakage straight away. But what if it starts leaking while you're away on holidays for 2 weeks. That could be a disaster which you can prevent. Roofing is more seasonal work and summer is great for it. Season means savings to you as we can do refurbishment faster, start sooner and be less likely delayed by weather. So we come to a conclusion that if you have a flat roof that is not leaking and it's a summer season at the moment, its a good idea to call us now.



below freezing

When kitchen is below freezing...

You may know the feeling when a room with flat roof above is the coldest room in the house. Thats because roof is uninsulated. Many people are insulating their homes. Walls and floors, attics, but what to do with the roof? We offer roof refurbishment together with insulation. More information here:





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