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A Superior solution to all flat and low pitched roofs, balconies, and walkways.

 Poor Flat roof

Above are few of the common flat roofs. Covered with felt they don't appear to be the best feature of the house. Well known for leaking, causing damage and headaches to the property owners. But no more. Presenting you:

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Polyroof 185

polyroof 185

 Polyroof 185 is a seamless, cold applied membrane that is suitable for warm or cold roof designs. It is the UK’s market leading in-situ, fibreglass roofing system and is ideal for flat roofs, balconies and walkways and lead reproductions. Polyroof 185 also provides an ideal waterproof membrane for pavers or decking and is an ideal substrate for green roof systems.

Polyroof 185 is available with anti-slip finish with BBA approval. Anti-slip should be specified for traffic areas and will provide protection for normal use on balconies, verandas, terraces, and viewing platforms, without further covering.

The system is fully backed by a insurance-backed guarantee for 20 years and has a 30 year durability rating from the BBA.



Polyroof protec

Protec is a cost-effective, cold-applied, fast curing and highly durable reinforced polyester roofing system similar to Polyroof 185. Protec is ideal for projects that require a fast solution with minimal disruption.
A unique feature of the Protec system is its ability to be applied directly applied to Polyroof ‘RES’ Insulation, eliminating the need for a carrier layer. For refurbishments the insulation boards can often be bonded direct to the existing roof, providing a thermal upgrade solution that is unrivalled in its effeciency.

The Protec system carries as standard a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee and is also available with a 20 year insurance-backed guarantee (subject to specification). The system carries BBA approval, where it has received a durability rating of at least 20 years.




More about GRP roof:


Fiberglass or GRP (glass-reinforced plastic) roofing systems were around for decades. Tried and tested no doubt its the best solution to your flat roof. Compared to traditional flat roof like felt, or asphalt, it is less likely to crack, puncture or sag. It also has nicer appearance than any of the above.

Felt roofs are the most common roof covering. As heat is used to adhere membrane roof becomes heat intolerant. Hot summer sun makes it soft, weak and not walkable. Roofs settle and start to pond water and felt is not tolerant to it. Repairs need to be carried out which never are permanent. Also reflective coatings need to be applied at least once 3 years to keep it cool and that make it by far not maintenance-free. As gas torch is required for application, a proper job by a good company is expensive due to site safety issues and insurance costs.

GRP Roofs are very much opposite. Fiberglass system is cold-liquid applied which cures to a hard stone-like material fast. Its fire resistant and is not affected by heat or sun. Surface is seamless and Ponding water resistance makes it totally waterproof. Not surprising as same materials are used for boat manufacture. Maintenance free, light-weight, very tough and durable. Comes in a variety of colors.  Commonly used in making boats, baths, water tanks, cladding, Surfboards, and external door skins. It’s proven to be hard-wearing and long-lasting making it the ultimate solution for your flat roof. Did i mention that you get up to 20 years insurance backed guarantee? More information

From all this we can conclude that fiberglass roof is:

  1. Solid and seamless surface - totally waterproof
  2. Fire resistant - fire safety regulation compliant
  3. Site Safety - no gas torches on site or dangerous fumes


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